You can brighten rooms by sticking stickers on the walls. Today you can make stickers designs in all colors and sizes. Stickers can also be used to beautify ugly walls.

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The atmosphere in a room can be changed by color or by a cheerful print on one of the walls. However, you must be careful that it is not going to be too busy. The disadvantage of wallpaper is often boring and not very surprising. You can get all kinds of prints on the walls, but you must not strange to see that the neighbors of the same wallpaper bought. You can now choose to print your wallpaper or stickers.

Stickers on the wall

There existed stickers that are easy to remove it for at nurseries. Even though offered stickers with bright prints on the walls. You make your room unique with your own personalized stickers on the walls. This is not very complex, but you must themselves be able to create a design. This will send you to an online printing company and make the desired print on a sticker. You can choose how big the sticker must be going. A sticker of a few meters size is not a problem. You can also just use a photo as your wall decorations to make.

Wall Decals protection

To decorate or protect walls, you can also easily use stickers. In the construction and decoration shops you will find all kinds of wall stickers designed to behind or to the side of the bed to paste. This protects the walls from damage, or you can hide this damage. Especially in children who have standing wall bed, hits the wall is damaged, or there are stains on the wallpaper or release.

To avoid that in this case the whole room re-wallpapering or painting, you can create a beautiful sticker over that part of the wall slabs. Also, damage to other places you in this way very decorative “hide”. The great advantage of these stickers is that you simply can clean compare to painted walls or wallpaper.

Stickers are easy to stick?

This is largely dependent on the size of the sticker. A sticker of a size of a few feet will take some creativity. It’s not a job where you only get to work should go. Through the back of the sticker gradually from the slab edge to remove, you can ensure that it is easier to apply. You start in a corner and once stuck, go to the back of the sticker further remove.

The sticker is easy to remove?

This is dependent on the quality of the substrate. If wallpaper behind it, you run the risk of being pulled into this. It is certainly not advisable to remove it again with the idea then do not re-edit. When removing, you must assume that you are going wallpapering or painting. A sticker removed will generally not be reused. In some cases it is possible, but it will not benefit the quality.

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